US and Canadian Approvals

Pre-Compliance Review Services

North American Enterprises can help you determine the optimal approach for obtaining all necessary product and equipment approvals. Once we determine the best approach, we can review your product against applicable standards and provide you with detailed guidance on any changes that may need to be made before the product could be certified.

ATEX Product Certification

United States Approvals

If you need approvals on your product for the United States, we can help you with these. Our staff has extensive experience on North American protection concepts as well. And if you are having your product evaluated for Europe, we can help you decide if you can utilize a harmonized standard to save you even more time and money.

We have set-up arrangements with NRTL’s (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) for acceptance of our Test Reports.

Canadian Approvals

Products that are required to be Certified for use in Canada must comply with the applicable nationally accepted CSA standards. Many of these standards are harmonized with the United States and/or Canada. Therefore, if you are having a product approved for the USA and/ Europe be sure to also inquire about having a Canadian approval done at the same time.

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